Will Gayne

Will Gayne
Regional Names Mike OldmanEU
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Relations Wife: Anna

Will Gayne is a character that appears in Endless Ocean. He is one of the characters who will request to go on guided dives.


[edit] Appearance

Will Gayne has an older appearance to him and he sports white hair and white facial hair. He wears a gray diving suit with red trim around the arms and legs.

[edit] Personality

As an inventor and engineer, he has a very fast-paced lifestyle and does not like to be in one spot for too long. With that said, he constantly finds ways to get out of conversations, which might make him seem somewhat rude.

[edit] History

Not much is known about Will Gayne's past as he does not play a major role in the story. What is known is that he is married to a woman named Anna, who similarly to Katherine, can not swim, which upsets him. Previously, he was involved with an organization known as the Global Marine Foundation, where he was some sort of engineer or inventor.

[edit] Synopsis

Will Gayne does not play all that big of a role in the story, but early on he does have a significant part of the storyline. You are required to give him a guided dive towards the beginning of the game, and afterwards he rewards you with a special tool called the Underwater Pen, which he may have invented during his time working with the Global Marine Foundation. After that diver he will come back later on for more, just in different locations.

[edit] Dive Preference

When you do give him dives his main preference is large sea creatures. He is not very fond of small creatures, but he will find them interesting. Among his favorites are the Humpead Wrasse, Dwarf Sawfish, Manta Ray, and any type of whale.

[edit] Trivia

  • His European name, Mike Oldman, most likely refers to his old appearance.
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