Whale Shark

Whale Shark
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Fish Journal <P20/1>
Scientific Name Rhincodon typus
Regional Names Requin baleineFR
Tiburón ballenaES
Squalo balenaIT
Length 15m / 50ft
Forms Adult
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The Whale Shark is a fish that appears in Endless Ocean. They're usually found alone, but have Remora swimming underneath their large fins.


[edit] Information

The Fish Journal records the following information:

[edit] Location

"Can be seen all year round near the Mo'ia Atoll area."

[edit] Description 1

"The biggest species of fish in the world with a massive body and mouth. It also has three line-shaped protrusions coming from the sides of its body. Its body is blue with a white underside and scattered with white spots."

[edit] Description 2

"Inside its mouth is a multitude of small teeth. Plankton and small fish are pulled inside, then the water is expelled leaving only the food behind. In place of an air bladder, oil accumulates in its liver giving it extra buoyancy. Living up to around a hundred metres below the surface, its swimming routes are said to cover vast areas."

[edit] Description 3

"Once thought to lay its eggs externally, a female was caught and examined and around 300 empty eggs and embryos were discovered inside. It was learned that inside adult females, the eggs are hatched in the ovoviviparity. This specimen was relatively young and measured only 10m. It is believed that fully-grown adults could produce far more offspring."

[edit] Role in Story

The Whale Shark is one of the few sea creatures who play a role in the story. In the story there is a strong current stopping you from reaching Mo'ia Atoll, so when the Whale Shark comes by you grab onto it and it takes your right to the location.

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