Valka Castle

Valka Castle
Regional Names NA
Location Ciceros Strait, Aegean Sea
Depth 115 ft.
Fish TransStar.pngTransStar.pngTransStar.png
Small Sealife TransStar.pngTransStar.pngTransStar.pngTransStar.png
Marine Plants TransStar.png
Mammals and Other TransStar.png
Treasure TransStar.pngTransStar.pngTransStar.pngTransStar.png

"Priceless medieval ornaments and works of art still adorn this sunken castle, just as its stone walls house many secrets and legends." -Endless Ocean

Valka Castle is an explorable location in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

Fish A B C D E F G
Longtooth Grouper O.png O.png X.png
Samurai Squirrelfish X.png X.png O.png

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