Teardrop Butterflyfish

The Teardrop Butterflyfish is a fish that has appeared in Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.


[edit] Endless Ocean

Teardrop Butterflyfish
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Fish Journal
Scientific Name

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[edit] Endless Ocean: Blue World

Teardrop Butterflyfish
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Marine Encyclopedia <P1/2>
Scientific Name Chaetodon unimaculatus
Length 7 in.
Forms Adult

[edit] Endless Ocean: Blue World Information

The Marine Encyclopedia records the following information:

[edit] Location

(Note: On some maps each square is broken down into four parts which are labeled after the semi-colon. These parts go from left to right, top to bottom.)
Ciceros Strait: A1, B1, B2, D8, E7, F1, F6, F7, G2, G4, G6, H6
Valka Castle: A4;1
Zahhab Region: C6

[edit] Marine Encyclopedia Record

This fish has a large, circular mark on its side that can look like a teardrop. It lived around coral reefs and eats coral polyps using its short, hairlike teeth.

[edit] Marine Encyclopedia Trivia

"This fish has no recorded trivia."

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