Story (Endless Ocean: Blue World)

This page details the main storyline of Endless Ocean: Blue World as the main character, with the help of the L&L Diving Service unlocks the mystery behind the Song of Dragons. The game is divided into six chapters each with its own unique adventure to be had. Throughout your journey you will meet many new characters including some who will join the business. Beyond the six chapters are many optional side-quests and goals, such as unlocking all of the achievements.

[edit] Introduction

The story starts set in the future with a large amount of whales swimming across the sea and on the boat above the L&L Diving Service watches in amazement. Oceana Louvier and Jean-Eric Louvier comment on your amazing intuition and Sakurai and GG discuss the large pack of whales. You dive alone into the unknown sea while the crew decided to monitor you from above. You swim deep into the mix of the whales and you are taught how to use the Compass by Jean-Eric. You swim into a small cave known as the Echoing Terrace surrounded by many dolphins. You swim further through a small crevasse to find a large underwater temple and the story reverts back to the past.

[edit] Chapter 1: The Song of Dragons

Back in Pelago Commonwealth, South Pacific, Jean-Eric discusses the song of the dragon with you. He comments saying “The song of dragons brings misfortune.” After discussing your past as a researcher Jean-Eric welcomes you to the business and asks for your name and asks you to describe your appearance. He then continues on to take a picture for your records. Jean-Eric fully introduces himself and mentions that it was your dream to work with him. He says its been a long time since his last adventure because he has dove too deep too many times and now suffers from decompression sickness, or as they call it less formally, the bends. Jean-Eric says he can never dive again in his lifetime and that he has no time for things such as the Song of Dragons.

A teenage girl appears riding towards the boat on her jet ski and apologizes for being late. It’s revealed the girl is Oceana Louvier, Jean-Eric’s granddaughter, his pride and joy. She is the only current diver at L&L Diving Service and is a seasoned pro with years of diving experience. Jean-Eric decides to begin the entrance examination dive and orders you to follow Oceana’s instruction to see how well you can move around underwater. You begin the dive at Atoll Gate in Gatama Atoll.

Oceana compliments you on your skills as a diver and introduces you to Gatama Atoll. She begins describing the Atoll Gate, a small coral reef in northwest Gatama Atoll, and asks you to interact with a few fish. After focusing in on a fish, Oceana will teach you how to feed the fish using the Food Tool. You feed a fish and soon after Oceana introduces you to smaller fish that can only be found by inspecting a glowing area. She asks you to take some time and get to know Atoll Gate a little better before leaving to explore further.

Once you are ready to move on, Oceana and you swim further out to explore Gatama Atoll. Suddenly you take notice to a whale calf swimming on its own in the distance and Oceana says its extremely rare to see. You both decide to get closer and realize it is a Humpback Whale Calf that is only about a month or so old. Oceana believes that the calf was separated from its mother and you decide to help it, she then says the she believe the mother is most likely at the Spring Garden to the south.

After arriving at the Spring Garden you instantly notice the large mother Humpback Whale and Oceana remarks that when the mother whales give birth they come to the warm, shallow waters of Gatama Atoll. The calf recognizes its mother and they reunite, almost knocking you over. Oceana suddenly drops her pendant and as it falls to the ocean floor a strange sound resonates. The mother whale loses its temper and begins to rush towards you in anger. You barely avoid being hit by the raging whale, but it soon calms down. The mother whale feeds her calf as you watch in awe from the distance. Oceana is glad they are back together, but soon notices that her pendant got stuck on the whale’s snout in all the chaos. She says it’s a memento of her mothers and that she needs it back. You are prompted to grab onto the whale and by doing so you retrieve the cylindrical pendant made from blue stone. On the pendant you can read the words “The road to the truth” engraved on it in small letters. Oceana thanks you and the two of you head back to the boat.

Aboard the ship, Oceana tells Jean-Eric what happened with her pendant and he says there are many mysteries surrounding it. He begins to tell you that Matthias Louvier, his son and Oceana’s father, originally recovered it from the bottom of the sea, but Matthias died fifteen years ago. You looked bothered and Oceana asks what is wrong and you tell her that you believe the sound from the pendant may be related to the Song of Dragons. Jean-Eric quickly denies the relationship between the two and says the sound was nothing more then water rushing through the pendant and making some kind of noise. Oceana believe that the song was why the whale got angry and mentions a second pendant, one was left by her mother and the other was left by her father. She asks Jean-Eric if the pendant is still at the bottom of the Deep Hole and he says yes, that she dropped it there when she was just a child. She confidently says she will find it, but Jean-Eric says it’s been far too long and it will be impossible to find, but besides that the areas is dangerous and he refuses to let her dive there. He calls the Song of Dragons a worthless superstition and changes the subject by asking about how you did. Oceana says she was impressed and Jean-Eric welcomes you to L&L Diving Service. You make your way back to the island.

The next day Jean-Eric wakes you up in panic saying that Oceana ignored him and went off to dive at the Deep Hole. He says that Matthias left the pendants to his wife and daughter when he died, but Oceana’s mother passed away soon after and left it to her. He says that the Deep Hole is home to an aggressive Tiger Shark that hunts there. He begs you to bring Oceana back safely. You arrive just north of the Deep Hole which is inaccessible by boats and in the distance you can see Oceana’s Jet Ski on a shallow bank. Jean-Eric gives you the Pulsar Tool, an electromagnetic device used to heal marine creatures and pacify dangerous animals.

After making your way through a the kelp forest and entering the Coliseum you will see Oceana hiding behind a rock inside the Deep Hole and the Tiger Shark swimming around above her. Jean-Eric mentions that the sharks have a strong sense of smell and could notice her at any time. You are able to use the Pulsar and calm the shark and it swims off. Oceana comes out from her hiding spot and asks you to help her find the second pendant at the very bottom of the crater. You swim down and find it, the Sky Pendant.

Back aboard the ship Jean-Eric is furious at Oceana for going against his word. Oceana apologizes and he forgives her. He thanks you and lets your keep the Pulsar. You and Oceana take a closer look at the pendants and you realize the pendants fit together. Together they form the verse: "The road to the truth is the Song of Dragons". Jean-Eric says he has heard the phrase once before and says you should get Nancy Young, a very intelligent trader who travels around the local islands, to appraise them back at the island.

Once on Nineball Island, your new home and the L&L Diving Service headquarters, Jean-Eric gives you a tour. Afterwards Oceana and Jean-Eric introduce you to a Short-beaked Common Dolphin that lives near the island. She says it helps them with dives sometimes and is almost like a business partner. You are instructed to name it and become friends with it. Oceana asks you to ring the Dolphin bell on the dock and begin your first training lesson. Jean-Eric gives you the Sea Whistle Tool as a present to help befriend Dolphins.

Oceana tells you to call Nancy and after doing so she arrives at the island on her Jet Ski. Nancy tells the group that the pendants are made of lapis lazuli and is similar to the traditional charms you see in East Asian countries. She continues to say that the specific style of carving is not associated with those cultures at all however and says the engraving on the sides was done somewhat recently. Jean-Eric says he thinks Matthias may have inscribed while he was alive. Nancy quotes a 19th-century Turkish poet about the legend of Valka Castle: “The road to the truth is the Song of Dragons. The Cyclades suffer under the shroud of Poseidon’s curse. As the waves crash and the battle cries rise, Valka Castle shall sink before eyes.” Jean-Eric believes the castle may still be somewhere in the Aegean Sea. Oceana thinks the message her father left was trying to help them find Valka Castle. You ask Jean-Eric about Matthias and he says Matthias studies oceanography very intently. Oceana tells Jean-Eric she really wants to explore Valka Castle because of what her father said and you decide to head there. Nancy smiles and waves off the appraisal fee for the pendants. Before heading off Jean-Eric asks Nancy about the special equipment he ordered, an underwater camera and night-diving gear. She gives him the camera which he gives to you, but says the suit will take longer.

[edit] Chapter 2: Phantoms of the Castle

The crew arrives at Ciceros Strait in the Aegean Sea, the supposed location of the legendary Valka Castle. Jean-Eric says he got in touch with an old friend and was able to get his hands on a useful item, but before he can finish he is interrupted by a diver’s voice. After asking to come aboard, you meet Gaston Gray, also known as GG, an obnoxious and famous American salvager in search of the treasures of Valka Castle. He warns you of the perilous waters filled with giant whirlpools and sharks, including the supposed man-eater Thanatos. He confidently believes he will be the first to find the treasure which spurs and argument between GG and Oceana. GG leaves and Jean-Eric continues what he was saying by giving you the Multisensor Tool, the latest electromagnetic multisensing device used for searching for items under the water. The crew decides to search for clues before anything and the dive begins.

Oceana’s and your dive begins in the North Canyon of Ciceros Strait where a large amount of Hammerhead Sharks roam the area, but Jean-Eric informs you they are harmless. Jean-Eric teaches you how to use the Multisensor and in the process you find a Lapis Lazuli Chip, the same material the pendants are made from. You are told to now search the southwest region of the canyon, but after arriving there you realize a large whirlpool is in the way. Instead you decide to swim around the Whirlpool, and when you do you find the Lapis Lazuli Lump. Jean-Eric believes that a ship known as the Arktos sank in the area in the 20th century that was running between Egypt and Greece carrying a load of lapis lazuli. You decide to search for the Wreck of the Arktos to hopefully find more clues.

You arrive at the wreck, but are suddenly attacked by a Great White Shark. You calm the shark just in time with the Pulsar and it swims off. You search with your Pulsar and come across the Triton Bracelet, a lapis lazuli bracelet inscribed with a map of a town surrounded by whirlpools. The whirlpools are mainly located in the southwest so you decided to search there. Jean-Eric informs you that the area you are trying to get to is sealed off by the whirlpools, so you decide to go home and show Nancy your findings.

After showing Nancy the bracelet she tells you that the carvings on it are written in Linear B, a script that was use by the Mycenaeans who lived in the Aegean Sea and that it’s over 3,500 years old. She deciphers the writing and it reads: “Fishermen of Triton Village of the Ailouros cape, pay heed if you value your life. Even the whirling waters fear the night. Sail when all is quiet in the calm twilight.” Nancy then continues on by saying twilight refers to the night and gives Jean-Eric the night-diving gear and well as the Underwater Pen Tool. Oceana says that you should return to Ciceros Strait at night.

You wait until night and once again dive into the Ciceros Strait in hopes of finding Triton Village. After finding the lost Triton Village Ruins you once again meet up with GG who warns you of Thanatos once again and swims off in a hurry. Just as he is leaves a group of sharks lead by Thanatos appears and attacks you. You attempt to use the Pulsar but it has no effect on him. Oceana notices a small well and the two of you swim down to avoid being eaten. After finding the tunnel under the well, Oceana believes it might be a secret entrance to Valka Castle. You swim through and find yourself inside an enormous tower with two corridors, one to the east and one to the north.

You go north and find yourself finally inside the legendary Valka Castle. After moving forward through the hall you have your first encounter with the Luna Lionfish, which Jean-Eric informs you are dangerous if you get too close. Oceana and you make your way through the castle and through a door in the Underwater Gallery you find a room with a weird map. After closer inspection you notice is a map of a circular earth, also called Anaximander’s map of the world made by the ancient Greeks. You push open a large door to reveal the Mermaid’s Ballroom where a large throne rests at the end of the great hall.

After going through the ballroom and opening yet another door you find yourself in a small room with a large locked door and on the lock the inscription reads: “He who rests in the king’s position will surely enter the royal study.” By going back into the ballroom you find a Luna Lionfish rested on the throne which you distract with food. You take the Glorious Key that is sitting on the throne. It unlocks the great door to the King’s Chamber.

Inside you take notice to a bookshelf and after closer inspection you find a book titled Clavis, which in Latin means key. You check the book to unveil the Secret Room. Just as you do so strange music can be heard and the door to the King’s Chamber shuts closed and locked. Oceana tries to contact Jean-Eric but the signal does not get through. You swim back into the Secret Room to investigate and find the Okeanos Tablet, a beautiful lapis lazuli tablet with characters carved into the surface. By searching underneath the desk in the center of the King’s Chamber you find a lever and pull it which sounds a lock on the door. You and Oceana decide to work together to open the door and it works. Just as the door opens in the window behind you a North Atlantic Right Whale swims by. You hesitantly return to the boat.

Jean-Eric inspects the tablet and believes the writing is completely different then that found on the bracelet. Suddenly GG appears near the ship and boards. Oceana tells him that you found the treasure and GG can not believe it. GG begins talking to himself and mentions more then one tablet, he then goes on to say that Castle Valka did not have “it” and what he’s looking for was not even at the castle. Jean-Eric questions him and he says it’s only one of a set of tablets left by a mysterious ancient people called the Okeanides, but there’s not one person alive who can read the language. GG leaves excited about finding what he’s truly looking for. You head back to the island to get some sleep.

Before the chapter ends you learn that the finding of Valka Castle made headlines all across the world and L&L Diving Service was suddenly thrown into the limelight. Jean-Eric informs you that you can use the new found fame to take diving and picture requests to earn money.

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