Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale
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Fish Journal <P34/2>
Scientific Name Physeter macrocephalus
Regional Names CachalotFR
Length 18m / 60ft
Forms Adult
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The Sperm Whale is a fish that appears in Endless Ocean. They're only found in the Abyss and there is only one in the game, which at all times of the game. You can also find the Giant Squid often swimming right near it.


[edit] Information

The Fish Journal records the following information:

[edit] Location

"Can be seen all year round swimming deep into the Abyss."

[edit] Description 1

"It has a length of 18m, its head is square, extremely large and with a thin lower jaw. The skin on the rear of its body is wrinkled and the caudal fin has small lumps on it. Its body is grey tinged with black."

[edit] Description 2

"Although the teeth in the upper jaw are under-developed, its lower jaw is lined with cone-shaped ones. Despite having teeth, it usually swallows squid and other creatures it feeds on whole. The teeth are used for fights between males and to bring back food for calves. They swim between the surface and depths of up to thousands of metres."

[edit] Description 3

"Females take good care of their young but, when they dive in search of food, the calves remain close to the surface. To prevent anything happening to them, females in the group dive alternately so that some remain. If a predator attacks, the calf retreats to the centre of the group. This is known as the 'marguerite formation' as it resembles a chrysanthemum."

[edit] Role in Story

In the story the Sperm Whale plays a minor part in helping you find the Ancient Mother. The first sighting of the Sperm Whale going into the Abyss which leads Katherine to getting the Diver new deep sea diving equipment. Later in the story you must track down the Sperm Whale to gather information about whales in general to hopefully help you find the Ancient Mother.

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