Shark Tooth Necklace

Shark Tooth Necklace
Shark Tooth Necklace.jpg
Area Monoa Lai
Specific Location <D5>
Unlocks Magu Tapah

The Shark Tooth Necklace is a treasure obtainable in Endless Ocean. It is simply a large shark tooth held by a thick string.


[edit] Information

The treasure box and Katherine Sunday say the following about this treasure:

[edit] Description

"Made with the teeth of the Great White shark, which is revered as the king of the ocean by natives here."

[edit] Analysis

"That looks like a pretty rare item you've found... I think it's a shark-tooth necklace. The shark is a revered animal in many South Pacific countries, and it's the same here in Paoul too. Their ferocity and toughness is often admired, especially by soldiers.

The most noted example is the God of Violence and Death who had the form of Magu Tapah, a giant great white. From the size of that tooth, it must have been huge, possibly even something nearing the size of Magu Tapah... Perhaps it'll bring you luck if you wear it?"

[edit] Location

The Shark Tooth Necklace is considered a specific location treasure because its location is the same in every game at all times. Its location is in <D5>, in the Comb Reef, inside one of the sandy inner nooks of the comb shaped reef.

[edit] Unlocks

This specific treasure will unlock the ability to see a brand new rare fish called the Magu Tapah, a large ancient shark, in Ocean's Graveyard at night. You must have first found all pieces of the Pirate Compass and have located the Ghost Ship.

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