Sailfin Tang

The Sailfin Tang is a fish that appeared in Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.


[edit] Endless Ocean

Sailfin Tang
File:Sailfin Tang EO.png
Fish Journal <P2/1>
Scientific Name Zebrasoma veliferum
Length 30cm / 12in
Forms Adult

[edit] Endless Ocean Information

The Fish Journal records the following information:

[edit] Location

Can be seen all year round.

[edit] Description 1

A narrow fish with an oval-shaped body, large dorsal and anal fins and a length of 30cm. It is white with numerous black stripes covering its head and body.

[edit] Description 2

Using the spines around its caudal fin joint, it can defend itself against predators. Unlike the adult fish, the infant fish are yellow in colour.

[edit] Description 3

Like some other species of fish, it is impossible to tell its age just by looking at the external appearance. However, statoliths formed inside the fish from calcified matter and known as 'daily rings' allow us to calculate the age of the fish in days and when it hatched from its egg.

[edit] Endless Ocean: Blue World

Sailfin Tang
File:Sailfin Tang EO2.png
Marine Encyclopedia <P3/5>
Scientific Name Zebrasoma veliferum
Length 1 ft.
Forms Young and Adult

[edit] Endless Ocean: Blue World Information

The Marine Encyclopedia records the following information:

[edit] Location

(Note: On some maps each square is broken down into four parts which are labeled after the semi-colon. These parts go from left to right, top to bottom.)
Gatama Atoll: A6, A7, B2, B5, B6, C6, C7, D6, E7, F3, G6, G7
Deep Hole: A2;4, B3;1, B3;2, B3;4, B4;1, B4;2, C2;1, C2;3, C3;3, C3;4, C4;1

[edit] Marine Encyclopedia Record

This fish is identified by its dark stripes and large, elongated fins. Sailfin tangs are actually transparent at birth, with their striped pattern not yet visible. Young fish are yellowish and already sport the characteristic stripes.

[edit] Marine Encyclopedia Trivia

This fish has no recorded trivia.

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