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Partner ready to be trained.
Where? All around Manoa Lai.
When? After finding the required location.

In Endless Ocean a major feature is the ability to meet and train partner sea mammals. These mammals can help you do everything from swimming to finding treasures.


[edit] Getting a Partner

Although you can receive a partner through the main story, to get new partners you will have to find and befriend them. Every partner has a different location in Monoa Lai, but all the partners act the same way. When you come across a possible partner you will be told by Katherine that it is possible to befriend them. To actually befriend them you will have to do the normal tasks you would do to befriend any other aquatic species in the game, that includes patting and poking, but you can also use your Dolphin Wistle, which they seem to like. After learning it's first set of information you will have to return on another day and receive the second set of information. At this point they will be ready to become your partner.

Once the two sets of information are received the partner will appear at the ramp of your boat. You can now decide if you would like to make it your partner. You can have a max of 3 partners at one time, so if you already have 3 you will be prompted to either say goodbye to one, or say goodbye to the new partner. There is no need to worry though because you can re-befriend the partners you goodbye to and get them on your team once again. If you keep a partner you will then have to give it a name to remember it by.

[edit] Training Your Partner

Partner performing a trick.
To train your partner you simply have to go to the ramp, located at the back of your ship, and choose the partner you want to train. To train a partney it is as simple as using a hand action on either their fin or their nose, which they will respond to with a trick. There are 9 tricks in total which includes a forward flip (pat nose), double forward flip (pat nose), spin jump (tap nose), corkscrew jump (tap nose), back flip (grab nose), double back flip (grab nose), sing (pat fin), tail walk (tap fin), and handshake (grab fin). Each trick can be learned more and more until the partner masters it and will perform the tricks better or longer. You can also feed and photograph your partner here. The tricks will not help you when swimming, but they are fun to learn.

[edit] Katherine's Notes

Katherine will say the following about partners on her tip board, located on the side of the ship:

"Partners improve with practice. At first, they don't jump very high, but after a while they'll jump as high as the mast!"

"Keep your partner feeling good to set new records. Play with them in the water and reward them for good behaviour."

"Harness your partner's true ability to see improvements in their techniques. Daily training is a must!"

"You can take pictures of the training just like when you're underwater. Why not get some shots of your partner?"

"Change the viewpoint when your partner is performing techniques with (2), then sit back and enjoy a spectacular show."

[edit] Diving with Partners

Diver and trainer swimming.
One of the most obvious advantages of having a partner is the ability to swim with them when going on a dive. As you probably know, there are many creatures and treasures that can only be found hidden in small areas on the ground or wall that require closer inspection. Well, your partner posesses the ability to search out and find these locations. Although your pet will not find items every time, if you have a strong enough friendship with your partner they might put in a little more effort. You will know when a partner finds something because they will point their nose at the area.

[edit] Katherine's Notes

Katherine will say the following about partners on her tip board, located on the side of the ship:

"If your partner gestures at something, check that area out as they may have found something you'd like to see."

[edit] Partners

Here is a list of all the partners in the game, some require extra tasks to be completed which you can find on their respected pages:

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