Oceana Louvier

Oceana Louvier
Regional Names Océane Rouvier EU
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Relations Father: Matthias Louvier (Deceased)

Mother: Unknown (Deceased)

Grandfather: Jean-Eric Louvier

Oceana Louvier is a main character in Endless Ocean: Blue World. She plays a large role in the plot, is an optional diving partner, manages the sales of maps for L&L Diving Service on Nineball Island, and will provide you with Diving-Guide Requests as well as the pay.


[edit] Personality

Throughout the game Oceana is depicted as bright and cheerful, but she also has a slightly solitary and obstinate side. It is explained that this might be because she lost both of her parents. Oceana can sometimes act without thinking ahead, for instance when she attempts to retrieve the second part of her pendant. Even though she may not think ahead, she approaches all her goals confidently. Oceana is a bit bottled up when it comes to her feelings and doesn't like to show melancholy, but instead she prefers to turn that into energy for her to get closer to learning the truth about her father and the pendant.

Being around the ocean since she was a little girl has given her a sense of protection over the sea and all the creatures that inhabit it. She has shown distaste towards humans at points for endangering many of the creatures, however she learns that its the job of some humans to protect them from us. Oceana, because of her familiarity with the sea, is very knowledgeable when it comes to fish and other sea mammals, and loves to tell you about them or even guide you around different areas.

She has also been shown to be quite the businesswoman. Oceana turns the areas you record into cash by selling fully-explored maps to tourists. She will give you a percentage of the sales of course, 10000 pelagos per full map completed, plus smaller amounts for partial completions. She also runs the guided-diving service and maintains the customers and pay.

It's also stated that Oceana loves the Internet and kittens, but this is never truly shown throughout the game. In fact, Oceana often shows love towards dogs mainly when L&L Diving Service adopts the lost dog, Snorkel. Her love towards the Internet may play a role in her strong business savvy.

[edit] Appearance

Oceana in her Diving gear.

Normally on Nineball Island, Oceana can be seen wearing a bright-yellow tank top and a pink bikini top underneath, with a flower design towards the upper-left. She also wears surprisingly short jean shorts and pink sandals. Her brown hair is tied up in a ponytail to the right. Her eyes appear to be a pale shade of blue. Oceana's age is unknown, but through context she is about sixteen or seventeen and she is the shortest of the main cast of characters in the game, but this is hard to see because she is normally found sitting.

When diving, Oceana wears a yellow diving suit with a red trim and also standard diving equipment such as the Steel Tank, Light Gloves, Soft Fins, and Beginner BCD.

[edit] History

Growing up in the Pelago Commonwealth, Oceana had the South Pacific as her personal playground, which helped her to become a first-rate diver. Her father, Matthias Louvier, died in a diving incident when she was only a little girl. Her mother, who is rarely mentioned, also passed away when she was young. Matthias had attempted to venture into the Zahhab Region Depths inside a submarine called HD-9 to locate treasure, however it crashed and plummeted to the bottom of the Twin Crevasses. Matthias attempted to swim away after the crash, which is stated in a note he had written to his father and Oceana, but he passed away before reaching safety.

Matthias left behind two lapis lazuli pendants to his daughter and each had a mysterious verse. Oceana kept one as a necklace, but she dropped the other into the ocean long ago. After many years of training as a diver, Oceana began helping her grandfather run L&L Diving Service in hopes of following in her father's footsteps and maybe learning more about the mysterious pendant.

[edit] Story

See Endless Ocean: Blue World Story for more information on Oceana's role in the plot.

[edit] Young Entrepreneur Side-Quest

[edit] Chapter 1: New Business

Oceana asks you how you would feel about selling completed maps to the public with all the data surveyed. She believes they would be extremely useful to other people diving in that area and the money earned would keep L&L Diving Service running. You agree and she says she will begin preparing all the data you collect into a format you can sell. She tells you to inform her when you complete any maps and that the data will also help her improve her guide work in the respected locations.

[edit] Chapter 2: Anticipation

Once you finish your first map and give it to Oceana she seems very excited about making her first sales. She even says she might by herself a Sunfish T-shirt. While she tries to sell the completed map you are asked to fill out another one for even more bonus income to the business.

[edit] L&L Diving Service

[edit] Diving Partner

As a diving partner Oceana offers mainly informative assistance. When in any of the locations she can give you a guided tour of the area, pointing out areas of interest. Also, most likely because of her interest in smaller sea creatures, when swimming with Oceana you will be able to see highlighted areas where small creatures dwell easier and from further away. This becomes very useful in finding some of the rarer fish. Like all diving guides she will also sometimes offer bonus information on fish when you take a closer look at them.

[edit] Other Work

[edit] Trivia

  • After closer inspection of Oceana Louvier's name, you will find by removing the 'a' in her first name and the 'u' and 'i' in her last name, it spells 'Ocean Lover'. Although this may not be intended, it may refer to Oceana's love of the sea.

  • After finding the Ice Cupid, and if your character is a male, Jean-Eric will take time to explain how he notices you and Oceana spending time together, and how she greatly admires him. Implication being that Oceana has developed feelings for him.
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