Manta Ray

Manta Ray
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Fish Journal <P21/1>
Scientific Name Manta birostris
Regional Names Raie MantaFR
Manta rayaES
Manta giganteIT
Length 5m / 16ft
Forms Adult
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The Manta Ray is a fish that appears in Endless Ocean. They're usually found alone swimming in large, open areas.


[edit] Information

The Fish Journal records the following information:

[edit] Location

"Can be seen all around Manaurai all year round."

[edit] Description 1

"It has a flat, diamond-shaped body, large mouth and thin tail, and a length of 5m. Its body is black and has a white underside that is speckled with black marks."

[edit] Description 2

"Located to the left and right of its mouth are special fins that have evolved from its pectoral fins. there is a large amount of variation to the speckled markings in its underside, and some specimens look completely black. It is thought that the name 'manta' which means 'blanket' or 'cloak', was given to this creature because of its shape."

[edit] Description 3

"The worlds largest ray, said to reach a maximum size of 8m and a weight of 3 tonnes. On rare occasions it is said to jump out of the water. It is believed that one reason for this is because it has been startled or is trying to detach a parasite."

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