Katherine Sunday

Katherine Sunday
Katherine Sunday.png
Regional Names Catherine SundayEU
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Relations Father: Patrick Sunday (Deceased)

Katherine Sunday is a character that appears in Endless Ocean. She acts as the tutorial instructor and the plot of the game revolves around her.

[edit] Personality

Katherine is a very moodly person who often changes personalities depending on her mood. You may find Katherine crying one minute about her father's lost work, but that can quickly change to her laughing about how amazing your last dive was. Katherine's life goal is to research eveything that has to do with marine studies and also renew the name of her father in the marine community.

Although Katherine might seem tense most of the time, she actually has a very relaxed side of her. She enjoys laying on the beach chair aboard your ship, the Gabbiano, which is seen in the story. She is also quite helpful and enjoys writing tips for you, which she displays on the help board on the side of the ship.

Suprisingly enough, Katherine never learned to swim in the water. Instead she wears a life jacket at all times in-case of a mishap. She admits that she should learn how to swim sometime though, since she is in the marine studies. Katherine also has a self-acclaimed ability to talk to marine animals, which she does with the dolphin you find in the story, but it is never actually proven that she has that skill.

[edit] Synopsis

The main story around Katherine actually has a lot to do with her father, Patrick Sunday, who at one time was investigating a lost cause called the "Ancient Mother", a giant white whale of an unknown species. During his investigation he was killed. Although it is unclear, he might have been killed by getting stuck in long hanging seaweed in the Green Garden, where you eventually find his lost watch.

Katherine's goal is to prove that her father was not crazy and that there actually is a Ancient Mother, but to do that she needs your help, since she can not swim and investigate on her own. She is always with you via a microphone in your equipment and can also see what you see through a hidden camera in your suit.

Throughout the story Katherine is constantly thinking of new ways that she can find new evidence that the Ancient Mother exists, but this usually leads your character to a hidden cave or area that has never been fully explored before.

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