Humphead Wrasse

Humphead Wrasse
Humphead Wrasse IG.png
Fish Journal <P18/1>
Scientific Name Cheilinus undulatus
Regional Names Poisson NapoléonFR
Pez NapoleónES
Pesce NapoleoneIT
Length 2m / 7ft
Forms Adult
Real Life Humphead Wrasse RL.jpg

The Humphead Wrasse is a fish that appears in Endless Ocean. They're found all around Manoa Lai near coral reefs.


[edit] Information

The Fish Journal records the following information:

[edit] Location

"Can be seen in all areas of Manaurai all year round."

[edit] Description 1

"A fairly narrow fish with an oval-shaped body, nodule-like protrusion on its head and a length of 2m. Its body is dark green with an intricate light-coloured pattern covering it."

[edit] Description 2

"The nodule-like protrusion is smaller on females, and their bodies are a white colour. Young fish have two black lines behind their eyes. They are highly territorial and are usually seen living alone in coral-covered areas. Larger numbers may be seen during the spawning season."

[edit] Description 3

"Reaching lengths of up to 2m and weights of 200kg, this fish is the largest member of the Wrasse family. It is a popular fish to look at and is often seen living in aquariums. However, the recent fall in numbers in the wild has caused this fish to qualify for international protection."

[edit] Role In Story

Although the Humphead Wrasse doesn't plat a large role in the story, you are required early in the game to give a guided diving tour to Will Gayne and he requests to see this specific fish.

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