The Gabbiano
Full view of the Gabbiano
Regional Names The GabbianoEU
Le GabbianoFR
Location Anywhere you are
Specific Treasure Holds All

The Gabbiano is the ship Katherine and the diver ride in across Monoa Lai. It contains many useful tools for diving and exploration. You are given full access to the Gabbiano from the start of the game after your first dive, which gives you all the options you will need.


[edit] About

[edit] Controls

To move around the Gabbiano simply point to the area you would like to move to and click the 'B' button, located on the back of the WiiMote. To use an item click the 'A' button, located on the front of the controller. To use one of your tools click the left, right, or down button on the 'D-Pad'.

[edit] Information

"Your small but sturdy vessel. Gabbiano means 'seagull' in Italian."

[edit] Outside the Ship

The outside of the ship is the most useful in training pets, getting information on treasures or the storyline, changing music, or accessing WiFi.

[edit] The Footlocker

Treasure Box.png
Main Article: Footlocker

The Footlocker is located next to the door of the Gabbiano. It is a light blue wooden box that allows you to search through treasures you have collected across Manoa Lai. The box is set into 4 different section each containing 15-16 treasure spots. Each treasure when collected will show an image of the treasure and also a short description of each treasure, be aware that some treasures are split into multiple pieces spread across Manoa Lai. If you only have a few pieces, but not all, of a treasure it will still show the description and the pieces you have collected.

[edit] The WiFi Ladder

Main Article: Wifi
The Wifi Ladder is located in the front of the boat and gives you access to playing online with friends. You will need a friendcode before playing, one for you and one for a friend.

[edit] The Training Ladder

Ladder 1.png
Main Article: Partners

The training ladder is located at the very back of the boat and allows you to train partners you have befriended while diving in Manoa Lai. Here you can teach your partners tricks and increase the friendship they have with you. You can also use the training area to feed your partners. Remember, you can only have three partners at one time, and in the case you get more than three you will have to let one go back into the wild, but you will be able to get them back at a later time.

[edit] Beach Chair

Beach Chair.png
Main Article: Music

The Beach Chair is located at the back corner of the ship and allows you to rest. While resting you can watch the credits and stare of into the sky. You can also unlock a new song here. You can only watch the credits, and get the new song, if you sit down on the beach chair during a sunset. This happens right before it changes from day to night, so you will have to time your dives right.

[edit] Stereo

Music Box.png
Main Article: Music

With the Stereo, which is located at the back of the ship right next to the beach chair, you can listen to songs you have uploaded with an SD Card. The controls are simple, use the 'D-Pad' to switch between songs and 'A' to click a song. You can listen to songs on a dive, but it will replay over and over, you can turn the song off though. Just remember that you can only listen to one song per dive, there is no switching between them. You can choose the song on the song menu, which appears before the start of a dive.

[edit] Inside the Ship

Inside the Gabbiano are various tools mainly useful for diving and finding information on creatures. You can also save your game here.

[edit] Encyclopedia of Marine Biology and Diary

The Book tool has two options. On the left is the fish journal which records information on fish. To the right is the diary, which allows you to save your game. The Encyclopedia of Marine Biology records information you receive while befriending creatures. Every creature has 3 sets of information, as well as information on their location.

[edit] Clock

Main Article: Day and Night Differences

The clock is a very useful tool located on a shelf at the top of the screen when inside your ship. It allows you to change the time to either day or night, no in-between. The main difference between day and night is the fish available. Also, some tasks in the storyline require you to be at a certain time.

[edit] Phone

Main Article: E-Mail

The Phone is yet another incredibly useful tool that is located towards the center of the screen. It allows you to read E-Mails sent by people outside of the ship. These include informational E-Mails and requests for pictures or guided divings.

[edit] Equipment Change

Main Article: Equipment

The Goggles Tool, located next to the phone, is a tool that allows you to change equipment. There are tons of equipment to collect throughout the game, but some can be received through the main storyline.

[edit] Steering Wheel

Main Article: Manoa Lai

The Steering Wheel tool allows you to access the map of Manoa Lai. From there you can position your boat anywhere in the sea. You can access every part of the sea (except caves and the Abyss by moving your boat.

[edit] Camera and Album

Main Article: Picture Requests

The Camera tool allows you to upload pictures from your camera into your album, while your album allows you to view pictures you have uploaded and received via E-Mail.

[edit] New Creatures

A notable feature of the ship is the ability to meet new creatures (birds, mammals, and reptiles) by viewing them aboard your ship. These creature may randomly appear on the front deck after a dive. The following is a list of creatures known to be seen aboard the ship: (remember though, that some of these creatures can also be found in the sea)

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