[edit] Frame 1

Frame/Order Treasure Name General Information Pieces Shiny
<F1/1> Dolphin Medal "A medal engraved with a dolphin and a laurel leaf. It bears the inscription '16th Annual Drift Dive Champion." 1 Yes
<F1/2> Whale-God MirrorNA

Ancient Bronze MirrorEU

"An old bronze mirror featuring a legendary whale god of the region." 4 Yes
<F1/3> Pirate CompassNA

Pirate's CompassEU

"A compass with a message. It says 'On seas we live. On seas we die.' -- E-5, H-6, E-9 --" 4 Yes
<F1/4> Storyboard "A wooden board with an ancient tale from the Pelago Commonwealth. On it, a woman reaches for a piece of fruit." 4 Yes
<F1/5> Patterned PotteryNA

Flame-Patterned VesselEU

"Pottery covered in images of either flames or flowing water. It is between 2,000 and 10,000 years old." 4 Yes
<F1/6> Iron Pearl of Manoa LaiNA

Sphere of ManauraiEU

"A mysterious metal sphere that was found in an underwater cavern. The surface is carved with ancient Writings." 1 Yes
<F1/7> Deity IdolNA

Intriguing IdolEU

"A figure representing a mysterious, grotesque deity. It exudes a dark and ominous air." 4 Yes
<F1/8> Inscribed NephriteNA

Nephrite InscriptionEU

"A tablet inscribed in old, arcane script. Closer inspection reveals two different languages on it." 4 Yes
<F1/9> Anomalocaris Fossil "A 540,000,000-year-old fossil of a giant carnivorous arthropod from the Paleozoic era of the Cambrian period." 4 Yes
<F1/10> Red Coral "A piece of deep-sea crimson coral. The shape, size, color, and clarity are all top-notch." 4 Yes
<F1/11> Gold ArtifactNA

Golden StatueEU

"A small, golden artifact. It looks quite valuable." 4 Yes
<F1/12> Chinese PorcelainNA

Jingdezhen PlateEU

"A 16th- to 17th-century porcelain dish from the Jingdezhen region of China. It is truly a work of art." 4 Yes

[edit] Frame 2

Frame/Order Treasure Name General Information Pieces Shiny
<F2/1> Shell of MemoriesNA

Memorable ShellEU

"A beautiful murex shell. You'll never tire of looking at its constantly shifting colors." 1 No
<F2/2> Shell of the GoddessNA

Goddess ShellEU

"A wondrous tridacna shell. These are often seen in images of fairy-tale mermaids." 1 No
<F2/3> Vintage Lighter "A vintage oil lighter manufactured in 1937. Simple but classy." 1 No
<F2/4> Ancestral CarvingNA

Ancestral StatueEU

"A small statue of the ancestral spirit known throughout Micronesia. It is carved from jungle-palm wood." 1 No
<F2/5> Tin Toy "An American tin toy from the 1920s. This robot seems to be styled after pulp novels of the era." 1 No
<F2/6> Patrick's Pocket Watch "An elegant silver pocket watch. The name Patrick Sunday is engraved on the underside." 1 Yes
<F2/7> Hand-Cut GlassNA

Wine GlassEU

"A glass made in England at the end of the 18th century. This rare item was hand cut by a glass artisan." 1 No
<F2/8> Shark Tooth NecklaceNA

A Shark-Tooth NecklaceEU

"A necklace made of a shark's tooth. It is roughly 500 years old." 1 Yes
<F2/9> Rare Ancient CoinsNA

Elusive Napoleon CoinEU

"19th-century Dutch coins known as "phantoms" because of their rare and valuable nature." 1 No
<F2/10> Porcelain CupNA

Antique CupEU

"A delicately decorated porcelain cup. The crossed-sword potter's mark proves it is true Meissen porcelain." 1 No
<F2/11> Silver Fork "A silver fork with a lovely handle. An antique in such fine condition would have considerable value." 1 No
<F2/12> Perfume BottleNA

Glass Perfume BottleEU

"A colored-glass bottle made in 19th-century America. It boasts design stylings from the Gothic Revival." 1 No

[edit] Frame 3

Frame/Order Treasure Name General Information Pieces Shiny
<F3/1> Picture Frame "A small picture frame fashioned from elegant precious metals. An old picture is still inside." 1 Yes
<F3/2> Tiara "Headwear combining gaudy elegance and tidy simplicity. It houses diamonds and gems in a silver frame." 1 Yes
<F3/3> Fountain PenNA

Expensive Fountain PenEU

"A limited-edition English fountain pen, of which there are less than 30 in the world. It is gold plated." 1 No
<F3/4> German HarmonicaNA

German-Made HarmonicaEU

"Rare in both shape and sound, this 16-hole German harmonica was made at the end of the 19th century." 1 No
<F3/5> Cassette "A magnetic tape in remarkably good shape, despite its being at the bottom of the ocean. It might even play!" 1 Yes
<F3/6> Rare Juice CanNA

Very Rare Drinks CanEU

"An empty beverage container from the late 20th century. The flavor must be one of a kind." 1 No
<F3/7> Glass Buoy "A glass buoy used by fisherman, but pretty enough to be used for interior decorating. Where did it come from?" 1 No
<F3/8> Fossilized ShellNA

Calcified FossilEU

"A calcite fossil formed over thousands of years. Collectors the world over would revel in its beauty." 1 No
<F3/9> Lizard in AmberNA

Amber LizardEU

"A lizard trapped in amber resin over 2,000 years ago. Exceedingly rare, such items are valued by academics." 1 No
<F3/10> Obsidian Arrowhead "A sharp arrowhead made from ore-refined obsidian over a million years ago during the Paleolithic era." 1 No
<F3/11> Whalebone Lure "An ancient trolling lure fashioned out of whalebone and abalone shell. The shiny surface gives it sparkle." 1 No
<F3/12> Lucky ShellNA

Good Luck ShellsEU

"A shell with a perfect swirl. Just holding it brings a sense of ease." 1 No

[edit] Frame 4

Frame/Order Treasure Name General Information Pieces Shiny
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