Food Tool

Food Tool
Food Tool.png
Aquired Start of Game
Ability Feeds Fish and Mammals
Effect Happiness Boost, Friendship Boost
Limit 10 per Dive

The Food Tool is a tool obtained in Endless Ocean. It is acquired at the start of the game and can be found in the 'tools menu' by clicking left, down, or right on the D-Pad.


[edit] Effect

The Food Tool is most likely the universal way of gaining happiness and friendship boosts with fish. To use the tool you simply click the icon for it and then click on screen. When you click on the screen it will automatically spray out a small cloud of food. Depending on the species of fish, the fish will then go after the food. Some fish are very aggressive and rush over as fast as possible, while others take their time and enjoy the meal alone or with a school.

Giving Food will first boost the friendship level of fish, this will allow you to access the name of the fish and then the first set of information on the fish. You can then continue to feed the fish to boost the friendship even more and gain more information on them. It will also slightly boost their happiness level and after feeding them you may find yourself being followed by a fish. You are only given 10 per dive, so use it wisely.

[edit] Other Helpful Uses

[edit] Finding Fish With Food

It is possible that in the game you may come across a stubborn fish, or other sea-life creature, that refuses to leave it's hole or refuses to come out from behind it's protection. You can get them to come out sometimes by using food and befriending the fish. It does not work with all fish, but give it a try next time you run into trouble.

[edit] Using Food in Training Partners

When training partners you can use food during the process. To reach the food menu you use the same method as you would when diving and to feed your partner you use the same method you normally would when feeding fish. By giving partners food after succesfully ompleting a trick they may do better in the future.

[edit] Non-Feedable Fish

Attempting to feed fish in Coral Forest.

There are some fish in the game who will not respond to food that you give them. These fish are considered Non-Feedable Fish because it is impossible to get their attention using this tool. If it does not work then it means you will have to gain their friendship through other means, this includes petting, poking, the Whistle Tool, or Pen Tool. Remember not to continue to waste one of your 10 foods on a single fish who refuses to eat it, if they don't then they most likely never will. You can tell if a fish isn't eating it because you will not see the sparkles or noise that you usually you see/hear when friendship is raised and also the fish might shake their head or hide underground to possibly avoid danger they may find.

[edit] Known Non-Feedable Fish

The following is a list of fish who are known to not eat food from the Food Tool:

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