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Endless Ocean
Endless Ocean Box art
Developer Arika
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date(s) August 2, 2007JP
November 9, 2007EU
January 17, 2008AU
January 21, 2008NA
Platform Nintendo Wii
Player(s) Single-Player, Co-op Multi-player
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[edit] Plot Information

In Endless Ocean you get to play as a fully customizable scuba diver helping a fellow marine enthusiast, Katherine Sunday, explore the local area, Manoa Lai, aboard your ship named the Gabbiano. Throughout the game, you will find new locations to explore including underwater caves, coral reefs, ship wrecks, and abyss'. As you explore you will meet new fish, such as the Blue Tang and Bottlenose Dolphin, that you can interact with and receive new information about. Also, as you meet with fish, you will unlock their spot in the Encyclopedia of Marine Biology, which records information on every fish in the game.

The main plot of the game focuses around Katherine Sunday locating a large new species of whale called the "Ancient Mother", which her father previously had researched, but failed, which in return made his name laughable in the marine community. You will eventually find the Ancient Mother, which will complete the main storyline, but the game will also introduce new plots including locating the "Ghost Ship".

Apart from that, you can also go treasure hunting through the seas of Manoa Lai by searching for glowing areas in rocks, sand, or coral. The game features a large variety of treasure, some easy and some difficult to locate. Some treasure may be completely hidden from sight and will not glow, which will require you to search much harder. Many treasures can be found in caves and the abyss.

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