Diving Guides

Diving Guides
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A Diving Guide request.
Where? Via Email
When? Random

Diving Guides is an optional side-task away from the main story in Endless Ocean. If you perform well during these you can unlock new equipment.


[edit] Showing Your Client Monoa Lai

In Endless Ocean you may find yourself looking at your Emails to find that you have a diving request from a person you have never heard of before, this is because you are becoming more well-known in the world and more people would like to see what you are working on. Every client is different and has their own preferences, also each client will tell you a specific fish they would like to see. Based on your performance you will receive a ranking, based on this ranking the client may want to come back for another guided diving, and also even possibly get some new equipment. Here are the grades:

[edit] Very Poor

E in EU, * in NA
The worst score overall and will surely have your client in a bad mood afterward. To receive a grade as poor as this you would have to enter the ocean with your client and then immediatly leave without showing them any fish. With a grade like this the client may never ask you for a guided diving ever again.

[edit] Poor

D in EU, ** in NA
D is just as bad as E and will make the client just as upset. To receive a poor grade like this you would have to enter the ocean with your client and only show them a single fish, one that they did not even request to see. Although the risk of losing another chance with the client is not as high as E, it is just as bad.

[edit] Average

C in EU, *** in NA
C is a very average grade that will have your client feeling a bit satisfied afterwords. To receive an average grade you would have to do the bare minimum of a good diving guide, that means either show them the single fish the requested, or show them enough fish that have a good liking too, or stay down in the water for 10 minutes or longer.

[edit] Good

B in EU, **** in NA
B is the above average grade that will have your client wanting more, but it is still possible to do better then this. To receive a grade such as this you would have to 2-3 of the tasks from the C grade. You will notice your grade will be above average when the client begins making positive comments towards the guide, which you will see when the camera pans over to the client.

[edit] Excellent

A in EU, ***** in NA
A is the hardest grade to receive, but it will ensure that the client will come back again another time for yet another dive. To receive a grade as high as this you must not only show the client the fish they requested, but also many fish that they have a preference for. Similar to the B grade, you will hear positive comments.

[edit] The Clients

Below is a list of clients, see their respected page for their preference:

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