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Gender Male or Female
Age Unknown
Relations Unknown

The Diver is the main playable character in Endless Ocean. He or she is the character you take control of to help Katherine Sunday.

[edit] Personality

The Diver in the ocean.
One word to describe the diver is stoic, whether you make them male or female they will show no emotion nor will they ever talk. Basically the diver is a tool for you to use for your exploration. Although they show no emotion physically, they have an obvious emotional connection with Katherine, which is why they decide to help her find the Ancient Mother and also find some unexpected treasures and underwater caves too.

The diver also apparently has no fear and is willing to go into even the deepest, darkest parts of the sea to help his or her good friend Katherine. They will freely explore the Deep Valley or Ocean's Graveyard without hesitation.

[edit] Synopsis

The diver might not have much of a personality, but they sure do have an adventurous spirit. Throughout the story of Endless Ocean the diver will go to any length to help Katherine. He or she must complete many tasks to lead to the eventual sighting of the Ancient Mother, this includes exploring the Deep Valley, locating many different species of whales, and setting up trackers throughout Monoa Lai.

Apart from the main story, the diver can also build connections with other characters through the Diving Guides events. Based on how well the diver does of guiding a characters through the set location will effect on the happiness of the character, and if they are pleased they might send by a thank-you letter.

[edit] Appearance

The diver aboard the ship.
Along with being able to choose the gender of your character, you are also given some choices for hair, skin, and equipment. Early on you will be given the choice of your divers name, also your starting hair and skin. The skin color can not be changed, so be sure to choose the one you are comfortable with, but the hair color and style can be changed later on.

Once aboard your ship, every charater will be given starting equipment, this includes a diving suit, BCD (or buoyancy control device), gloves, fins, and oxygen tank. The equipment is very basic, but you can unlock new pieces and change it later. As you would expect, the males and female both have different hair styles, but the colors are the same, you can unlock new hairstyles later on. Also, another different is the suits you can unlock. For example, females can unlock bikinis.

To unlock new equipment it is very simple, either complete in-game tasks, part or not-part of the story) or find specific treasures. As you unlock new

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