Coral Forest

Coral Forest
Coral Forest.jpg
Regional Names Coral ForestEU
Forêt de CorailFR
Der KorallenwaldDE
Bosque de CoralES
Foresta di CoralloIT
Location <K2>
Specific Treasure None

The Coral is a location in Endless Ocean. It is a wonderous, large area full of high standing rocks covered in beautiful coral. The Gem Chest of Loa and Blue Holes are located here.


[edit] E-Mail

You will receive these E-Mails about the area:

[edit] North America

" Towers of power!

If you only make one dive on your trip, dive here! The Coral Forest is Manoa Lai’s most prominent grouping of coral reefs, and the myriad coral towers literally sparkle in the sunlight-pierced waters.

School’s in Session!

You’ll mainly find schools of small tropical fish in the Coral Forest, but some lucky visitors have had visits from MUCH bigger sea life."

[edit] Europe

"-The Ocean's Forest

Get a taste for the wonder the oceans of Paoul have in store exploring the superb coral reefs of Manaurai. On a clear day, see towers of coral emerge in an emerald green ocean.

-Surprise Encounters

While the reef is normally frequented by schools of small tropical fish, depending on the season, larger visitors might make an appearance."

[edit] Known Fish

Feeding Fish in the Coral Forest.
The following are fish that are known to inhabit the area:
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