Blue Tang

Blue Tang
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Fish Journal <P1/5>
Scientific Name Paracanthus hepatus
Regional Names Chirurgien bleuFR
Cirujano azuiES
Pesce chirurgo taralozza bluIT
Length 25cm / 10in
Forms Adult
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The Blue Tang is a fish that appears in Endless Ocean. They're usually found in areas with lots of coral.


[edit] Information

The Fish Journal records the following information:

[edit] Location

"Can be seen all around Manaurai mostly during the summer."

[edit] Description 1

"A narrow fish with an oval-shaped body and a length of 25cm. It is blue with a dark, distinct striped pattern over its body and a yellow caudal fin."

[edit] Description 2

"It has small teeth which, in comparison to other fish in the species, are fewer in number. During infancy, they tend to gather in shoals among branches of coral but upon reaching maturity, are to be found around rocky areas and coral reefs."

[edit] Description 3

"To avoid being attacked while sleeping, this fish takes refuge among coral branches. Also, it will eat lettuce if given the chance."

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