Blue Holes

Blue Holes
Blue Holes.jpg
Regional Names Blue HallEU
Hall de SaphirFR
Die Baule HöhleDE
Sala CobaltoIT
Location <L2>
Specific Treasure Dolphin Medal

The Blue Holes is a location in Endless Ocean. It is a beautiful cavern with holes in the ceiling that allow light to shimmer down from the sky an illuminate the coral. It opens up into the Coral Forest.


[edit] E-Mail

You will receive these E-Mails about the area:

[edit] North America

"Hole-y Cow!

Blue Holes is a massive rock formation housing many small caves. Divers are treated to views like no other as beams of light pour in from openings overhead. At one time this formation was above ground, but rising oceans and erosion gradually created the formation we enjoy today!

Ebb and Flows

Due to complex tidal flows, items will sometimes drift into Blue Holes ... including some truly rare objects!"

[edit] Europe

"-Mysterious Manaurai

An enormous rock formation with a hollow interior. Openings in the roof let curtains of lustrous blue light cascade down. Simply unforgettable. Tens of thousands of years of slow accretion built this enormous coral structure, while erosion created the holes giving the Blue Hall its miraculous form.

-Tricks of the tides

Due to the capricious nature of the ocean currents, pieces of wreckage and other unusual objects can sometimes be found in Blue Hall."

[edit] Known Fish

The following are fish that are known to inhabit the area:

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